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MSIX Hero 1.2.0 – stopping apps + improved filtering

An update to MSIX Hero has been just released. This new version 1.2.0 contains the following changes:

Update 22.09.2020: Some users reported, that a “NullReference” error may be shown when launching the app, a regression in comparison to 1.1.15. On affected machines, this is caused by a presence of specific installed apps for which MSIX SDK API reports no manifest file path. The issue has been fixed in version 1.2.3.

Indicator for running apps

A small green indicator has been added to the apps that are currently running.

The list is “live” (it refreshes automatically). Note that some apps may be shown as running even though there is no foreground window visible. This is a case for UWP apps which may be still running in the background, in which case they are also considered as “running”.

Stopping apps

For an app that is currently running, it is possible to stop its process and all children (if necessary). This function can be invoked from the context menu:

…and from the Ribbon menu (make sure to select the app first):

Overhaul of the VIEW > filter menu

The VIEW menu has been adjusted to make it easier to filter. There are now two additional filter options:

  • Filtering by the architecture (for example, show me only x64 bit packages)
  • Filtering by the running status (for example, show me only apps that are running)

Four buttons representing the filter are clickable and reveal a dropdown with available options once clicked. Additionally, for drop-downs with radio buttons (for example filtering by the running status or by the add-on/main app type) the top part of its split button is clickable, and pressing it changes to the next available option.

As before, filter options can be combined, and for an app to be shown all filters must match. For example, the combination of settings from the last screenshot will show only running apps, excluding add-ons and Microsoft Store apps.

Other changes

  • The ribbon has been optimized for lower resolutions.
  • A duplicated action for the Empty modification package button in the File backstage has been corrected in this build. In previous versions, it was wrongly opening the MSIX app attach wizard.
  • Breaking change: It is not possible to start an app which does not have a Start Menu entry.


The app will be updated automatically in a few hours if you installed it from app installer file. New users can download MSIX Hero from the Download page.