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MSIX Hero 2.0.39 (beta)

A new version of MSIX Hero 2.x is available. The 2.0 milestone is now complete, as all items planned for 2.0 release are now in place. Just as in case of the last build, this version must be downloaded separately, and it installs side-by-side with 1.x release. Continue reading to find out what has changed and how to get started.

In case you upgrade from 1.x, here is the overview of what version 2.x has already changed.

Changes since 2.0.0 (alpha):

Breaking changes

  • MSIX Hero migrated from .NET Core 3.1 to .NET 5.0 (#74)
  • Device Guard version 1 signing is not available anymore (#72)


  • Raw package name / publisher name is now shown instead of blanks if the translation from PRI failed (#82)
  • “Copy to clipboard” button now available for event logs (#79)
  • Compacted header in the package view (#73)
  • Make it possible to drop a project onto the main window and have it opened (#73)
  • Restored buttons and key bindings to open MSIX packages in a new dialog (1.x functionality) (#73)
  • Certificate selectors now display icons (3c33658)
  • Improved dialog for import/extract of certificates (4dfcd7b)

Resolved issues

  • Broken deserialization of YAML files (#81)
  • Broken certificate validation in the settings screen for default values (98cc77d)
  • Crash to desktop when trying to copy an item in the Packages screen (5498e2d)
  • Progress bar in Package Signing dialog was not stacked for multiple packages (#71)
  • Missing scrollbar in event viewer (7b9e216)
  • Fix transparent background during loading (280a2d6)

Known issues:

  • MSIX Version is still 2.0.0 (#83)
  • Filtering by installation date crashes to desktop (#84)