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Known issues

MSIX Hero 2.x

The list of open issues is maintained on project GitHub page:

MSIX Hero 1.x

This is a list of known issues in MSIX Hero. The list is expected to change a lot, as most issues get resolved rather quickly with one of the nearest releases.

Last update: 05.10.2020 for MSIX Hero 1.3.0.

  • MINOR | Some packages seem to display no logos. This is usually not the problem with MSIX Hero itself, but rather caused by the fact that logos of these apps are simply empty (flat single color).

Known issues in older versions

MSIX Hero 1.3.0 (solved in 1.4.0)

  • MINOR | Some apps do not have proper display names, and show resource keys instead of localized names. Resources and localization are generally supported by MSIX Hero, but some apps still misbehave. Confirmed packages are:
    • Microsoft 3d Viewer
    • Common.View.UWP
    • Microsoft.Windows.FilePicker
    • Microsoft.Windows.CallingShellApp_cw5n1h2txyewy
    • Microsoft.Windows.AddSuggestedFoldersToLibraryDialog_cw5n1h2txyewy
  • MINOR | After pressing the button to dismiss the update information, the ribbon looses its focus.

MSIX Hero 1.2.3 (solved in 1.3.0)

  • CRITICAL | Modification package generator was erroneously putting (and requiring the user input) the package architecture in the manifest file.
  • CRITICAL | Modification package generator could (in some circumstances) not write required dependency declaration.

MSIX Hero 1.2.0 (solved in 1.2.3)

  • CRITICAL | For some specific apps that – according to information from MSIX SDKs – have no manifest location defined, MSIX Hero may crash when loading the package list with a NullReferenceException error or with a BadData exception.

MSIX Hero 1.1.15 (solved in 1.2.0)

  • MINOR | The button to create a new modification package (from the FILE > New backstage menu) opens MSIX app attach wizard instead.

MSIX Hero 1.0.16 (solved in 1.1.15)

  • MAJOR | In some cases, the list view with apps and the list box may be out-of-sync in terms of the current selection. Because of that, depending on the timing and other factors, sometime the current selection may be lost and show ambiguous sidebar message “select one to see…

MSIX Hero 1.0.14 (solved in 1.0.16)

  • CRITICAL | GUID identifier of the VHD has a duplicated set of curly braces in staging script.
  • CRITICAL | Sample script for de-staging does not unmount the VHD. This is actually an issue with the default template provided on MSDN page, but will be fixed nevertheless with the next release.

MSIX Hero 1.0.5 (solved in 1.0.14)

  • MAJOR | Appinstaller editor is unable to open .appinstaller encoded with UTF-8 + BOM (byte order mark).
  • MINOR | Log files contain too many irrelevant lines The certificate seems to be valid with INFO level verbosity.
  • MAJOR | Some manifest files cannot be read, and may show information that the manifest is invalid. The currently confirmed list of apps affected by this:
    • Kodak Minolta
    • Network Speed Test
    • Advertising.XAML
    • Microsoft.SkypeAPP
    • Microsoft.Services.Store.Engagement
    • Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00
    • Microsoft.Windows.HolographicFirstRun
  • MINOR | Property SystemAppId is not populated / editable in MSIX Hero YAML editor (see – this will stay as a minor known issue, because the documentation and the implementation of winget are not consistent – winget validation and azure pipelines complain if the property is set. Once this is fixed by Microsoft, MSIX Hero will follow with a fix.