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MSIX with auto-updates

Recommended option.
Be always evergreen. Windows will check periodically for updates and install them silently for you, minimizing the network bandwidth. You are always up-to-date with recent features, improvements and bug fixes.

Requires Windows 10 1903 or newer + .NET 6.0

Direct MSIX download

For side-loading, app attach or plain deployment
Download MSIX file for sideloading, provisioning, app attach and/or manual installation. Windows does not check for updates of MSIX Hero, but you can use in-app menu to manually check for a new version.

Requires Windows 10 1809 or newer + .NET 6.0

Windows Package Manager

Install MSIX Hero with winget - the official Windows Package Manager.
Note: Winget repository is moderated. Usually, it may take a few days for new version to show up here.

Execute the following command:

winget install msixhero

No winget yet? Get it from

Microsoft Store

Open Microsoft Store on your Windows 10/Windows 11 and look for "MSIX Hero". Alternatively, press the button below to go directly to the download page. Note: Releases on Microsoft Store usually are available a few days after the official announcement.

Current version

Current version: 2.3.0 (click to see the release notes)

  • Released on: 12.01.2022

System requirements

Admin rights?
This app generally does not require administrative permissions and can be installed and started by a normal user. Certain functions (for example installation or uninstallation per-machine) may require local admin permissions though. If this is the case MSIX Hero shows UAC prompt as soon as it needs admin rights. If you start MSIX Hero as administrator, no additional UAC prompts will be shown during the runtime.

Privacy and security?
This app is virus-free and really does only what it promises to do. It does not  have any kind of telemetry or any unjustified communication with internet. There are just three cases when an internet call is made by MSIX Hero: (1) checking for the most recent version available (which can be triggered only manually by the user, there is no automatic check done by the app), (2) attaching timestamp to signed packages (if timestamp server is configured), in which case signtool.exe contacts a timestamp server configured by the user and (3) getting the list of accessible timestamps from a public gist. Note that Windows 10 may do extra stuff on its own (general telemetry and reporting, app installer update checking, Defender signatures update etc.) but they belong to Windows 10 and are not a part of MSIX Hero.

All binary files and MSIX packages are digitially signed to prevent tampering.