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Managing MSIX apps (like a hero)

Be the hero of your MSIX apps

View your installed apps, install, remove and execute them. See icons, localized app names and descriptions and much more information.

Install unpacked, unsigned apps

Leveraging Windows 10 Developer Mode, MSIX Hero can quickly install apps from loose files (unpacked AppxManifest.xml)

Manage APPX volumes

List, add, remove, mount or dismount AppxVolumes. Set up the default one for all future MSIX installations.

Update apps

Apps installed via .appinstaller can be automatically updated. For Store apps, a link to UWP settings is provided.

Install and remove for all users

You can install (provision) and uninstall (deprovision) apps for all users. Provisioned apps are also highlighted in the app list.

Check installation status

MSIX Hero shows which users have installed the selected app in the package information sidebar.

Change installation folder

If more than one volume is available, MSIX Hero can move already existing packages between the available volumes.

View nested dependencies

See package dependencies, relations between add-ons, main packages and minimum versions of OS supported.

Troubleshooting (like a hero)

Troubleshoot like a hero

Invoke custom and predefined tools in package context. Access real raw paths and directories. Read MSIX Logs. Mount registry files (win32 apps).

Understand PSF and redirections

JSON-based definition of PSF can be tricky. MSIX Hero can interpret it and display app properties in a nice, human-friendly form.

System State Icons

System overview

Prepare your machine for MSIX repackaging by disabling unwanted services and processes, enable sideloading and developer settings, install third-party apps.

Visualize dependencies

App dependencies (both system and target packages) are displayed using human-friendly, localized names for a better understanding.

Detect packaging tools

For installed apps, MSIX Hero determines the tool used to package them. It currently supports Visual Studio, MSIX Packaging Tool, Advanced Installer and RayPack.

Analyze update impacts

The differential updating of MSIX packages can save a lot of unnecessary traffic. With MSIX Hero, you can check upfront how much has changed and needs to be redownloaded upon the update.

Creating and deriving (like a hero)

Easy start with code signing

Easy start with MSIX signing. The program can create, import and sign packages (also in bulk mode). Installed certificates, PFX and Device Guard are supported.

Pack and unpack apps

Extraction and compressing of app folders is an easy task. MSIX Hero supports you with signing and several options of command line SDK, directly from its UI.

Create winget manifests

Easy to use editor and generator of YAML manifests, for all types of supported executables (MSIX, APPX, EXE etc.). V1 schema supported.

Prepare for MSIX app attach

MSIX Hero can take your existing MSIX packages and create VHD/VHDX and CIM images with necessary PowerShell scripts for an easy start into VDI capabilities from MSIX app attach.

Create and edit .appinstaller files

MSIX Hero has a built-in editor of .appinstaller files, which can also open and change existing files. All Windows 10 features are supported.

Create modification packages

Simple modification packages with files and registries can be created with ease, either with UI or using silent CLI.

Other features