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Update packages installed via appinstaller file

What is app installer?

App installer files ( are a handy technique of a single-click installation of MSIX packages from any source (local, web), at the same time providing out-of-the-box auto-update functionality. The update itself is backed by the MSIX technology, the installation via .appinstaller simply configures and automatic interval or trigger based update, which provides a seamless and transparent experience to the end user. The format has its own file extension .appinstaller, and is a simple XML file on its own.

In the current implementation, the interval and triggers are defined by the app installer vendor. MSIX Hero 1.4.0 and newer have a built-in function, which can check for any available update, and download it if required. Important is that the update check done via MSIX Hero is not a subject of interval limitation as defined by the app installer file – the results shown by MSIX Hero show the actual newest version of the checked product at the time of pressing the button.

MSIX Hero has a pretty powerful .appinstaller creator / editor which can be used by vendors and administrators to create .appinstaller with help of GUI.


To check for the update, the following conditions must be met:

  • MSIX Hero version 1.4.0 or newer
  • Package being checked must be installed from appinstaller file

You can ensure the second condition by going to the Installation > Status tab in MSIX Hero. An app that has been installed from appinstaller file will show information like this:

Checking for app installer updates

The update can be checked from the context menu:

or from the Ribbon (tab Management):

Both options are available for single- and multi-selection.

Once an update is available, the confirmation will be shown:

If no update is available, another message will be shown:

Updating side-loaded apps

If one or more updates are available, simply press Update now to perform the update of selected app(s). The installation will be 100% the same as what app installer would otherwise do on its own, so that the update chain is preserved.

Updating Store apps

Apps from Microsoft Store have built-in auto-update capability. When the button Check for updates is pressed on one or more Store apps, the corresponding Store page will be shown:


If you want to force checking or installing of an updated version of an app, MSIX Hero is the way to go. It supports bulk update check and installation as well.