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Unpacking a package (unpack)

This article is about the usage of command line interface. More information about CLI usage and how to get started can be found here: Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference

In order to unpack the package, use the following command line syntax:

MSIXHeroCLI.exe unpack --package <path-to-package.msix> --directory <extraction-path>

For example:

MSIXHeroCLI.exe unpack --package "c:\download\msix-hero-" --directory "c:\download\extracted\msix-hero-extracted"

You can also use shorter form of arguments. In that case, the command line will be very similar to the one used by MakeAppx.exe (see link):

MSIXHeroCLI.exe unpack -p "c:\download\msix-hero-" -d "c:\download\extracted\msix-hero-extracted"

Both parameters are required.

The result of execution is an extracted folder, containing all deployed files, resources, assets and manifests. The program returns the following exit codes:

Exit codeMeaning
0The extraction has succeeded.
1Unspecified error.
2-10Invalid parameters or other command-line related errors.
<any other>Internal exit code from makeappx.exe.