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Trusting a publisher (trust)

This article is about the usage of command line interface. More information about CLI usage and how to get started can be found here: Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference

The purpose of this verb is to ensure that a specific package publisher is trusted. This can be achieved by providing one of the following source paths:

  • A path to the .cer file
  • A path to the .pfx file
  • A path to the signed .appx or .msix file

In the latter case, MSIX Hero will work with a certificate extracted from the signed file. Since trusting a publisher requires adding the corresponding certificate to the local machine Trusted People store, this command will not work if not started in administrative context.

The command has the following syntax:

MSIXHeroCLI.exe trust <path-to-a-file>

For example:

MSIXHeroCLI.exe trust "C:\download\signed-not-trusted.msix"
MSIXHeroCLI.exe trust "C:\download\certificate.cer"
MSIXHeroCLI.exe trust "C:\download\certificate.pfx"

After executing it, the certificate will be added to the local machine Trusted People store. The information about the certificate will be written to the standard output:

The program returns the following exit codes:

Exit codeMeaning
0The packing process has succeeded.
1Unspecified error.
2-10Invalid parameters or other command-line related errors.
<any other>Win32 error returned by Windows.