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Creating an MSIX Modification Package (newmodpack)

This article is about the usage of command line interface. More information about CLI usage and how to get started can be found here: Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference

This function is available in MSIX Hero 1.3.0 and newer.

Creating MSIX modification package with a file path to existing base package:

MSIXHeroCLI.exenewmodpack --parentPath <parent-package-path> --name <mod-pack-name> --displayName <mod-pack-display-name> --publisherName <mod-pack-publisher> --publisherDisplayName <mod-pack-publisher-display-name> --version <version> [--copyFolderStructure] [--folder <included-folder>] [--registry <included-registry-keysC:\Users\marci\Desktop\registries\all.reg <output-path>

Creating MSIX modification package with arbitrary parent package parameters:

MSIXHeroCLI.exe newmodpack --parentName <parent-package-name> --parentPublisherName <parent-package-publisher> --name <mod-pack-name> --displayName <mod-pack-display-name> --publisherName <mod-pack-publisher> --publisherDisplayName <mod-pack-publisher-display-name> --version <version> [--copyFolderStructure] [--folder <included-folder>] [--registry <included-registry-keysC:\Users\marci\Desktop\registries\all.reg <output-path>


MSIXHeroCLI.exe newmodpack --parentPath C:\source\parent.msix --name "mymodpack" --displayName "My modification package" --publisherName "CN=MarcinOtorowski" --publisherDisplayName "Marcin Otorowski" --version "" c:\target\parent-mp.msix
MSIXHeroCLI.exe newmodpack --parentName MSIXHero --parentPublisher "CN=MarcinOtorowski" --name "mymodpack" --displayName "My modification package" --publisherName "CN=MarcinOtorowski" --publisherDisplayName "Marcin Otorowski" --version "" --folder c:\included-files --registry c:\included-registry\registry.reg c:\target\parent-mp.msix 
MSIXHeroCLI.exe newmodpack --parentPath C:\source\parent.msix --name "mymodpack" --displayName "My modification package" --publisherName "CN=MarcinOtorowski" --publisherDisplayName "Marcin Otorowski" --version "" --copyFolderStructure c:\target\parent

The output path should be either:

  • A full path to MSIX file (with extension .msix), or
  • A full path to a directory, in which uncompressed content of the package will be written.

The following parameters are optional:

  • –registry
    Specifies the full path to a Windows Registry (.reg) file with extra registry keys and values that will be written to the new modification package.
  • –folder
    Full path to a folder with files and subfolders that will be added to the root folder of the new modification package.
  • –copyFolderStructure
    This option is only valid if the parameter –parentPath is used AND the output path does not have .msix extension. If the parameter is present, MSIX Hero extracts the structure of VFS folder from the parent package and put it as a placeholder in a place relative to the newly created AppxManifest.xml.

The result of execution is either a manifest file with necessary files, or an unsigned package. You can use other MSIX Hero commands (sign or pack) to turn them into a fully signed package that can be actually installed. The program returns the following exit codes:

Exit codeMeaning
0The signing succeeded.
1Unspecified error.