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MSIX Hero 3.0

MSIX Hero 3.0 is now available for download. This is a major release, with plenty of new features and internal changes.

Multilanguage support

MSIX Hero UI has been localized and translated to German and Polish. You can change the language in the Settings menu, and when starting for the first time MSIX Hero picks the best match from the list of supported languages (based on current system UI).

New card-based UI

The UI has been reworked – many settings, which were previously buried or hidden, are now available, often without any extra click. For example, this is the default view for a package:

Some other areas heavily affected by the new design principle are Event viewer and PSF content browser. Make sure to check them out!

App pinning

Installed apps can be now pinned and unpinned. To do it, simply press a star icon next to each installed app:

Shared Package Container

It is now possible to create XML files or directly deploy Shared Package Container. MSIX Hero GUI provides an easy way to set things up, including picking installed packages, reading from installable files, reordering etc. All these options are now also available in the CLI interface.

Certificate and timestamp validation

In every place where signature options are present, there is now a new button to validate the data.

The validation process ensures that end-to-end signing is working. It performs basic certificate check, timestamp server settings, trust status and much more.

Improved display of events

In the Event details section, typical win32 erros are now displayed in a humand friendly form, when possible with extra explanation. For example, the following is shown for an event, depicting a situation when an already existing package, albeit with a different content is being reinstalled.

The list of events has been reworked to show more information at glance:

Advanced options for appinstaller creation

A new tab was added in the Appinstaller dialog, allowing to circumvent a known-issue in MSIX / Delivery Optimization subsystem:

App attach dialog additions

It is now possible to edit junction point.

Settings for app attach have now also an experimental switch to revert back to a legacy (MSIX Hero 1.5) way of app attach creation. There is also a configuration for default value of junction points.

Other changes

  • In the Packages list, it is now possible to filter apps by their update capability (with app installer) and to switch between user/machine-wide installations.
  • In the Events list, new options for filtering were added: time span, log source and ability to filter verbose events.
  • In the System page, Sideloading and development features are now presented separately. Developer mode can be enabled with a switch control.
  • In the Package details view, sub-section Files, an information about file and registry virtualization is now shown (for packages supporting it).
  • In the Package details view, the displayed information for apps now shows more relevant information for PWA and hosted apps.
  • Toolbars are now more responsive and collapse properly if there is not enough horizontal space.

Full list of changes is available in GitHub Releases page.


The new version can be downloaded from the Download page or from the GitHub Releases page.

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