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MSIX Hero 2.3.0: Silent package editing and more

MSIX Hero has been just updated to version 2.3.0. Make sure to have .NET 6.0 installed on your machine which is now required to start the program.

Command line package editing

Command line app msixherocli.exe has a new command which can be used for unattended editing of packages, especially for automation purposes.

The list of available operations is going to be extended in next releases, the following is currently supported:

  • Changing of package identity (name, publisher, version, processor architecture etc.) via msixherocli.exe edit <path> setIdentity ...
  • Setting properties like display names, publisher display name, logo etc. via msixherocli.exe edit <path> setProperties ...
  • Adding standard, restricted or custom capabilities via msixherocli.exe edit <path> addCapability ...
  • Setting build meta-data via msixherocli.exe edit <path> setBuildMetaData ...
  • Deleting files via msixherocli.exe edit <path> deleteFile ...
  • Adding or replacing files via msixherocli.exe edit <path> addFile ...
  • Setting registry keys via msixherocli.exe edit <path> setRegistryKey ...
  • Setting registry values via msixherocli.exe edit <path> setRegistryValue ...
  • Deleting registry keys via msixherocli.exe edit <path> deleteRegistryKey ...
  • Deleting registry values via msixherocli.exe edit <path> deleteRegistryValue ...
  • Importing registry keys from file or local registry via msixherocli.exe edit <path> importRegistry ...

These command may be executed in a single atomic operation via msixherocli.exe edit <path> list ..., where the list of commands is passed either via a file or command prompt.

Call msixherocli.exe edit <path> --help for extensive help for all options. The <path> in all above commands can be a manifest, MSIX or an unpacked package directory.

Support for dependencies in .appinstaller dialog

Appinstaller editor dialog now supports package dependencies.

Drop-down with timestamping authorities

Fields accepting timestamp URL have now a drop-down with suggested timestamping authorities

The list is maintained in the following gist.

Dialog to calculate publisher hash, package name and Package Family Name

In a newly added dialog (accessible from the Dashboard) it is easy to calculate the required properties and understand how they are built.

Other improvements

  • Ability to filter package list by publisher hash or raw name/publisher.
  • Ability to skip the validation during packing (in both UI and command-line).
  • Ability to remove unpacked folder after packing it to MSIX file.
  • Ability to remove MSIX file after unpacking it to a folder (in both UI and command-line).
  • Ability to copy package family name from the context menu.
  • Tim Mangan’s PsfTooling and RayPack Express are now recognized and shown in the System Summary screen.
  • New visual style of the tools dashboard.
  • Reworked running app indicator, which now works in real time and has some other improvements.
  • Better validation of package name, package version and resource ID in many UI dialogs.
  • Update impact dialog has now icons and better captions for duplicated files.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed sideloading and developer settings UI on Windows 10 (2004 and higher) and Windows 11.
  • Fixed handling of timestamp-related exceptions from signtool.exe.

Technical changes and SDK updates

  • Updated msixmgr (MSIX Core) to version 1.1.92.
  • Migrated MSIX Hero to .NET 6.0.
  • Reduced application size thanks to deprecation of older .NET Framework code.
  • Updated MSIX/Windows SDK to 10.0.22000.0.

Microsoft Store availability

MSIX Hero is now available in Microsoft Store. Bear in mind, that due to certification processes, the updates from both Winget and Microsoft Store may be lagging a few days behind. Also, be aware that the Store release uses a different package name, and due to another application data directory it may not see the settings, configured by MSIX Hero installed from MSIX/.appinstaller/winget.


The new version can be downloaded from the Download page or from the GitHub Releases page.

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