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MSIX Hero 2.1.0

New version of MSIX Hero is available. Below is the list of recent changes:

Support for Modification-, optional and related packages when generating .appinstaller files

Two new tabs are present in the App Installer editor: Optional packages and Related packages. These packages can be used to modify the base app (like modifying settings) or to extend functionality (like adding plugins).

Control the animation level

MSIX Hero 2.0 has introduced a new, rich UI, which however could cause issues on low-end machines, virtual machines or remote sessions. In this version, the amount of animations, transparency and other effects can be controlled in the UI. The default value Automatic ensures, that the program sets the most appropriate setting when launching the app.

New dashboard view

The dashboard has been cleaned-up, and shows a better overview of available actions.

Other changes

  • In case of errors when installing packages, the message shown in the UI is more precise.
  • It is now possible to add multiple files at once in the Sign Package dialog.
  • Minor UI changes and improvements.
  • Package selector now supports the .msixbundle extension.
  • Improved parsing of packages.

Resolved issues

  • Fixed an error shown when installing bundle packages
  • Fixed an issue in the App Installer editor, where the value of the Main Package URL was not saved properly.
  • Fixed the command line view generator in the app attach dialog, which was not including the --directory parameter.
  • Fixed a problem with the Add Folder prompt, which did not support cancelling.

Known issues

The format of winget manifests has changed recently. This build is not compatible with the new format yet. There is some work in a separate branch where the support is already covered, but there are some missing bits before it gets to the build (see issue Make winget editor compatible with v1 manifest format · Issue #110)

The new version can be downloaded from the Download page or from the GitHub Releases page.

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