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MSIX Hero 2.0.64: Improved Update Impact with CLI support

New version 2.0.64 is now available for download. Detailed information about changes and included commits can be found in GitHub Releases page:

The biggest change in this release (compared to previous version 2.0.46) is the overhaul of the Update Impact dialog, which received several new features and improvements:


  • Rewritten Update Impact analyzer
    • Added duplication and bar layout views
    • Added CLI support via updateImpact verb
    • Improved performance, especially for big packages
    • Ability to export to XML and start a new comparison
  • Added context menu item to open the Change Volume dialog for the selected package
  • Minor UI changes
    • Changed colors of invalid input fields from red to yellow
    • Validation icons are consistent (tab items, input texts, dialogs, the settings view)
    • Tab items have now bigger padding
    • Added extra help with tooltip in the Modification Package section, checkbox Copy to VFS

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the partition drop-down, which was not showing any value in the Change Volume dialog
  • Fixed a problem with invisible text on Windows 10 with dark mode enabled
  • Fixed broken CLI verb dependencies
  • Fixed a problem with file overview in the Update impact dialog, which was not correct for packages having uncompressed Appx blocks (for example ZIP files)
  • Fixed a regression in Winget editor, where the dialog would crash with “Invalid filter” exception
  • Fixed a problem with Modification Package dialog, where the checkbox “Copy to VFS” was not reacting to changes of other controls

The new version can be downloaded from the Download page.

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