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MSIX Hero 1.4.0 – Checking for appinstaller updates

MSIX Hero 1.4.0 is now available and here are the feature highlights and release notes for this release:

New tab with information about the installation type

Installation tab has now an extra tab, which shows the information about the type of the installation. For apps installed from .appinstaller files, the remote URL to the file is shown:

For Store apps, link to the corresponding Microsoft Store page is shown:

For all app types, a hyperlink to the installation folder is shown as well.

Ability to update / check for any .appinstaller update

For apps installed from Microsoft Store or from an appinstaller file, a new button Check for updates… is available in the Ribbon (tab Management)…

and from the context menu:

For Store apps, the link simply open the relevant Store page settings, where any pending updates may be downloaded.

For appinstaller, this will actually check whether any update is available (regardless of appinstaller settings about update check timing) and if an update is available an option to install it will be shown:

See more information about .appinstaller and the newly added function.

Better feedback for signtool related errors

Inspired by this thread on Twitter, this version now reports slightly more detailed error instead of infamous “No certificate were found that met all the given criteria“. For example, the following will be shown when trying to sign a certificate with improper EKU:

Even more information is also written to MSIX Hero logs (%localappdata%\msix-hero\Logs), including debug output of signtool.exe.

Improved package sidebar

Package content sidebar has received minor changes:

  • Installed add-ons (modification packages) are now displayed in the Content > Optional content section (previously they were under Installation tab)
  • The numbers (for example installed apps, add-ons, count of applications) are now shown as badges and better stand-out from the tab label:

Other changes

  • Validation of URL of .appinstaller files is now less strict and allows file:// and UNC share syntax.
  • Buttons for dismissing and calling release notes were stealing the focus. The issue has been fixed in this build.
  • Removal and update of packages was previously not refreshing the sidebar. The issue has been fixed in this build.
  • Importing a certificate file to the Personal store now shows a confirmation dialog.
  • Importing a certificate now shows an UAC dialog if MSIX Hero was not started as administrator.
  • For some packages, their titles and descriptions were not properly localized. The issue has been fixed in this build.
  • Ribbon buttons Modification package.., Appinstaller definition… and Winget manifest (YAML)… – have been moved from the Management to the Developer contextual tab.


The app will be updated automatically in a few hours if you installed it from app installer file. New users can download MSIX Hero from the Download page.

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