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MSIX Hero 1.3.0 – improved modification package generator + usability

MSIX Hero 1.3.0 is now available. Below are key changes of this release:

Improved modification package generator

The modification package generator has been heavily improved in this version. The dialog has been cleaned up an more options have been added.

  • Ability to specify display names for the package and publisher fields separately from “identity” values.
  • Ability to add extra files.
  • Ability to add extra registry entries (from .REG file).
  • Ability to create empty folder structures (only when creating a manifest file).

Some values which were displayed in previous versions of MSIX Hero (for example the architecture) are not there anymore, as modification packages do not require them. Additionally, a few reported bugs related to the modification packages handling have been fixed.

Create modification packages from command-line

Modification packages can be created from UI and from the new command line verb newmodpack, which exposes all options the UI offers.

Other changes

  • Fixed a problem with the package list loosing focus when switching to other windows.
  • The button Run package is now inactive when the current package does not have any Application (for example when it is a Modification Package).
  • In various dialogs, if there is any field which has an incorrect or a missing value, its tab is now highlighted.
  • In most of dialogs, the validation messages are now clearer about which value they refer to.
  • Restored missing asterisks for required values in some dialogs.
  • Update impact dialog now shows the correct message after pressing the button without specifying source packages first.
  • Headers in dialogs are now more “compact”, the labels are not displayed anymore.
  • In the Pack MSIX package dialog, the checkbox Sign this package is now in the Source + target tab (consistent with some other dialogs).
  • Minor visual adjustments of the Analyze update impact dialog.
  • General stability and performance improvements.


The app will be updated automatically in a few hours if you installed it from app installer file. New users can download MSIX Hero from the Download page.

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