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MSIX Hero 1.0.14 – extended CLI and bug-fixes

Version 1.0.14 of MSIX Hero is now available for download. This version contains the following changes:

New command line verb appattach

Previously, creating VHD files for MSIX app attach was only possible interactively (with help of MSIX Hero UI). In this version, a new command line verb has been added to make it possible to automate this operation.

The new verb appattach has the following sample usage:

MSIXHeroCLI.exe appattach --package "C:\pkgs\MSIX-Hero.msix" --directory "C:\pkgs\VHD\MSIX-Hero" --extractCert --createScripts

Due to some internals, this command requires administrative privileges’. More information about CLI usage can be found in the following documentation page: Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference > Creating VHD for MSIX app attach (appattach)

Resolved issues

  • It was not possible to open .appinstaller files with UTF-8 BOM (Byte-Order-Mark). The issue has been fixed in this version.
  • If property SystemAppId was present in an opened YAML file, its value was lost on re-saving. Note that this value is valid according to the documentation, but returns validation error from winget and Azure pipelines from the official repository. This is why it is hidden in the MSIX Hero UI. Anyway, in this version any value of SystemAppId is preserved if present in the original file.
  • Winget validation (winget validate command) was not executed at the end of YAML export, if no Windows Terminal Preview was installed. In this build, the command is executed even if a standard stable version of terminal is installed.
  • Some APPX/MSIX manifests could not be parsed correctly. The problem was reported for Konica Minolta packages, but could potentially affect some more. In this version, parsing of these specific manifest files has been fixed.
  • Dependencies tab was empty for packages/manifests using older syntax for prerequisites (<Prerequisites />). In this version, the dependencies are shown correctly.
  • Log files in previous version could contained too many log entries for certificate validation. In this version, some verbose logs are not anymore of type INFO but of a more verbose DEBUG level.
  • YamlDotNet was missing in the About window, section Third-party software. It has been added in this version (great package by the way, kudos to contributors)


The app will be updated automatically in a few hours if you installed it from app installer file. New users can download MSIX Hero from the Download page.

Update impact

Last, but not least. Have you already tested how Update impact (a major highlight of version 0.9.0) works? Below is a comparison between MSIX Hero 1.0.5 and MSIX Hero 1.0.14. You can get similar results by exploring the options in the Ribbon > Tools > Update impact analyzer.

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