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MSIX Hero 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 of MSIX Hero is now available for download. This is just a minor bug-fix release.


  • Getting packages is now generally faster. Results may vary, but a typical gain of 50% shorter loading time shouldn’t be anything unusual.
  • Pressing CTRL+F when a list of packages, volumes or events is focused moves the focus to the search box.

Resolved issues

  • Some older packages or packages with unexpected namespaces could be falsely reported as malformed (the problem was reported in app KONICA MINOLTA Print Experience but there may be potentially some more apps affected by this). The issue has been fixed in this build.
  • In some cases, unexpected values in the package manifest could cause a crash to desktop when selecting an affected package in the installed package list. The issue has been fixed in this build.
  • The progress bar for loading was not being refreshed during the initial loading of packages. The issue has been fixed in this build.
  • Some specific combination of selection, filter and navigation in the package list could trigger a “ghost” selection, which could result in the multi-selection view being presented, even with only a single package being actually selected. The issue has been fixed in this build.


The app will be updated automatically in a few hours if you installed it from app installer file. New users can download MSIX Hero from the Download page.

Update impact

Last, but not least. Have you already tested how Update impact (a major highlight of version 0.9.0) works? Below is a comparison between MSIX Hero 1.0.0 and MSIX Hero 1.0.5. You can get similar results by exploring the options in the Ribbon > Tools > Update impact analyzer.

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