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MSIX Hero 0.7.0 lets you manage APPX volumes

A new version of MSIX Hero is there. The big highlight feature of this build is the support for AppxVolumes, but there are also a few smaller improvements and bug fixes, making this a highly recommended update.

Volume manager

By default, all APPX/MSIX installations happen in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps. This directory actually corresponds to the default volume configured on the target machine. The management of volumes is now implemented in MSIX Hero. Version 0.7 can list, add, remove volumes and also mount/dismount them. You can also set the default volume so that your apps will be always installed where you expect them to be present.

All of these new functions are present in a new tab which has been added in the sidebar (the first one being for packages, and the third one containing the system overview, as desribed in the release notes for version 0.6).

All currently available APPX volumes are visible (both mounted and dismounted). On most of machines, there is just one entry by default (the one marked with a green checkmark).

The ribbon for volumes has a new button which opens the New volume dialog:

You can select the target drive and optionally an absolute folder path (standard is \WindowsApps, but this can be changed to whatever you like). Additionally, there is a checkbox for marking the new volume as the default one. Bear in mind, that every partition/disk can the host of maximum one volume, and this is why some disk letters may not be available in this dialog.

The context menu and the contextual ribbon for every volume has the following options:

The availability of them depends on the volume state, for example you cannot remove or dismount a volume that is currently your default one.

Moving packages between volumes

Setting up the default volume ensures that all future package installations will be automatically saved there. What about changing the installation path of an already installed app?

To move an app, go to the Packages tab and select the package to be moved. Its contextual tab should have a new button Change volume…

Pressing it opens another dialog, where the desired volume can be changed.

Note: On a standard machine with no extra options, there is usually just a single volume available. At least one additional volume has to be created in order to move any package.

Package integrity settings

For packages that support it, the integrity settings are now parsed and displayed in the package sidebar / window:

More information about Package Integrity Enforcement:

Other changes

  • There is now an extra confirmation window shown before removing a package. The dialog can be disabled in MSIX Hero settings in order to bring back the old behavior (immediate removal).
  • Minor changes in the ordering of buttons in contextual Manage tab for the packages – the button to run the package has been moved and is now shown at the first position.
  • There was a typo in the name of the Home and work networks. The issue is now fixed.
  • The link to open a new folder after creating a modifiction package stub was broken. This issue is now fixed.


The app will be updated automatically in few hours if you installed it from app installer file. New users can download MSIX Hero from the Download page.

Your feedback is important, let me which other features you would like to see in MSIX Hero.

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