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MSIX Hero has been updated (both MSIX and app installer remote package) to version

Changes and improvements

  • NEW If the package declares support for MSIX Core, the information is now shown in the Dependencies tab. It also tries to show the actual name of the OS from the list of supported operating systems. To distinguish between these items, there is now a different icon for the Tested on section.
  • IMPROVED The default properties of MSIX Hero app installer file are now more liberal. The app does not anymore force the user to perform the upgrade, and the delay between update checks has been increased from 8 hours to 24 hours.
  • IMPROVED Search box displays a small “X” icon. Clicking on it clears the search box.
  • IMPROVED New package header (introduced in the previous release was always upscaling app logos. For some packages (including but not limited to Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes) the icon were too small and looked jaggy after resizing. In this version, app logos are never upscaled.
  • IMPROVED MSIX Packages created by Advanced Installer that were using their custom proxy app AiStubElevated.exe were not showing the actual target path. This version has an extra recognition function built-in. Note, that the detection of Advanced Installer AiStub.exe proxy has always been functioning just fine.

Resolved issues

  • FIXED The dependencies view is now correctly showing Windows 10 2004 aka May 2020 Update. In previous releases, this upcoming update was only referenced by its version.
  • FIXED In previous versions there was an issue with the package selection not being appropriately reacting to filter and search key changes. On rare occasions, when searching for packages or filtering the list by type, a “limbo” selection could be maintained, affecting the UI and some commands. This issue is now resolved.
  • FIXED There was a little typo (lauch instead of launch) in the app installer editor. The typo is now fixed.


Go to Downloads to get the new version, or start your currently installed MSIX Hero to trigger an auto-update.

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