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MSIX Hero has been updated (both MSIX and app installer remote package) to version

Feature highlight

  • NEW PSF fix-ups have now a dedicated tab. The new tab shows a pretty detailed, yet human-friendly overview of config.json and supports the following:
    • Redirection fixup
    • Trace fixup
    • Electron fixup
    • Other fix-ups are displayed but their config is treated as raw JSON file.

PSF tab is disabled for packages that do not use PSF.

By the way, this view is currently read-only. In one of the next updates, MSIX Hero will also get its own WYSIWYG config.json editor, which will reuse large parts of this new UI.

Other changes and improvements

  • NEW New header with basic package information in Package Expert and package sidebar.
Important properties like the package name, publisher and version are now always visible together with the product icon.
  • IMPROVED Algorithm for automatic calculation of required VHD size (MSIX app attach) has been improved in this build and accounts now for some NTFS pecularities.
  • FIXED In several dialogs, the main action button (for saving, creating etc.) was always disabled even on the confirmation screen. In this build, the button will be disabled as soon as the confirmation screen is shown.
  • FIXED Previous version displayed wrong version of package authoring tool for MSIX built with RayPack. In this version, the version is accurate.
  • FIXED Changing package selection was previously causing unnecessary second loading of manifest file. This has been fixed in this build.

Go to Downloads to get the new version, or start your currently installed MSIX Hero to trigger an auto-update.

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