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A new version of MSIX Hero has been released, with the main focus on usability improvements.

Version contains the following changes:


  • NEW Package Expert dialog, allowing opening of MSIX files or manifests from disk. Press FILE > OPEN and choose Manifest or MSIX Package for a quick preview of package content, dependencies, PSF configuration and all features which were previously available only for already installed packages.
  • NEW Dropping .msix or .appinstaller files from the Explorer window opens them in a new window (maximum 10 at once) – this is just a handy shortcut of invoking Package Expert dialog or app installer editor.
  • NEW Command line support for opening .msix and .appinstaller files. If a single argument is provided, MSIX Hero tries to open the file based on its extension. This is yet another way of invoking the Package Expert.
  • IMPROVED Double clicking a package in the packages view opens a new resizable window with all information visible in the sidebar.
  • FIXED Fixed a bug in reading properties from certain AppxManifest.xml files.

Go to Downloads to get the new version, or start your currently installed MSIX Hero to trigger an auto-update.

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