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Hello, here is another update to MSIX Hero. Main feature highlight of this new version is the ability to display Package Support Framework scripts. Also, this update fixes several issues and improves UI, especially the package sidebar.

Showing PSF scripts plus a new design of the package sidebar.


  • NEW MSIX Hero is showing PS1 scripts (a relatively new function added recently to the Package Support Framework). The sidebar shows the name, a few basic information about each script and it displays a link that can be used to open the script in a default editor.
  • IMPROVED New design of the package sidebar. Some tabs were moved around so that similar or related information are next to each other. Redirections (fix-ups), traicing information and other features of PSF are now displayed in the same tab. Similar visual tweaks have been done in the Dependencies tab.
  • IMPROVED Added keyword highlighting in the application list. Additionally, it is now possible to search for versions.
  • IMPROVED Several important values in the package sidebar (for example package full name or family name) are now selectable.
  • IMPROVED Changed the caption from Desktop Bridge and Desktop Bridge + PSF to Win32 and Win32 + PSF respectively.
  • IMPROVED The ribbon and tab items are now subtly animated when changing the selection.
  • FIX Fixed a bug with recognition of framework and UWP apps.
  • FIX After refreshing the package selection was not properly restored.
  • FIX Sorting by name was using internal name instead of the display name.
  • FIX Missing icon in UAC Dialog during self-elevation.

Additionally, this version has tons of internal changes for new upcoming features. Stay tuned for next updates 🙂

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