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Version is now available for download for new and existing users. The main focus of this minor update are improvements and resolved issues in the MSIX app attach VHD generator module.

  • NEW A new checkbox for automatic extraction of .cer file
  • IMPROVED Removed implicit dependency on Hyper-V PowerShell module.
  • IMPROVED Scripts for staging, registering etc. (if selected) are now saved in the same folder as the VHD and they are prefixed with VHD name for an easier identification.
  • FIX Fixed problems with getting correct package names in generated scripts

The new naming convention for scripts and .cer files produces the following structure:

Scripts and certificate file have now the same name base, equal to the name of the VHD image. This way it is easier to group the resources together, even if extracted to the same folder.

The article Creating VHD for MSIX app attach has been updated to reflect these changes.

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