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Open-source MSIX manager and toolkit

Requires Windows 10 1809 or newer and .NET 6.0 to run.
Last version: 2.3.0 released on 12.01.2022

Features and highlights

Quick overview of most important features and tools:

Manage MSIX packages

Install, uninstall, provision and move between volumes. List apps, dependencies, capabilities and Package Support Framework options.

MSIX signing and certificates

Create and import certificates, sign and re-sign packages. PFX, installed certificate or Device Guard - the choice is yours.

App installer, Winget, app attach

A single tool to open and export to different file formats. Automatic building of VHD files (app attach), YAML (winget) and .appinstaller.

MSIX updates

Analyze update impact, check for updates, apply forced updates of .appinstaller apps.


Create, edit and remove MSIX volumes and change installation targets.


Run commands, see event viewer logs, resolve paths and dependencies and more.


  • Open-source (GPLv3), source code available on GitHub. You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • It has no ads and does exactly what is says it does.
  • It’s made in Germany 🙂

MSIX Hero - the ultimate MSIX toolkit
for IT Pros.

MSIX Hero is free for both private and commercial use.